Outdoor Pizza Oven Contractors Bluffton SC

Outdoor pizza oven Contractors Bluffton SC

How many of us can turn down the taste of a slowly cooked pizza flaming with flavors and sizzle. Hiring a contractor to build an outdoor pizza oven only adds to the natural wow factor of home made pizza in your very own backyard.outdoor pizza oven bluffton How many of us can enjoy the favors of Italy at any time of the day we choose? We welcome you to consider our design contractors at the Dalzell Design Landscaping firm to bring that dream to a reality. Outdoor pizza oven design in Bluffton SC is a trend that grows yearly. You can never forget the experience of entertaining guest with amazingly slow cooked pizza at home. Friends tell friends, and the rest is history. Continue reading

Bluffton SC Gardening Professionals

Gardening in Bluffton SC

Come summer time the garden rage and frenzy is going to take off full speed in Bluffton SC. Get in touch with your gardener before had and you could experience a beautiful head start in the growing process of our garden. gardening specialist bluffton scDon’t neglect your home or property by turning your cheek to one of the most spectacular objects of your home, and thats the garden. Regardless of how you are trying to handle things, proper maintenance is a must to keep up with the kardashians. lol. Just kidding. Lets get started. Continue reading

Low voltage outdoor lighting Bluffton SC

Low voltage outdoor Lighting Bluffton SC

In Bluffton SC choosing to use low voltage outdoor lighting to illuminate your home at night could be a just the decision you needed to improve your entertaining factor not only for guest but also for security reasons. LED lights tend to not build up with condensation and moisture, but rather last longer than regular incandescent lights.

When using low voltage lighting for your home and or backyard, most of the lighting wire is hidden and a whole lot smaller so it obstructs your view of your landscape a lot less versus the older models of lighting. outdoor lighting specialist bluffton sc Technology has come a long way my friends. You can actually find the LED lighting it self to be quite a decorating feature. Hiding the led’s in places like rocks and pavers, the use of these low voltage lights make them very versatile and chameleon like. They are so light, they can be placed and re constructed for parties, and family time. Most clients decide to make the move of getting led’s for lighting up gardens, koi ponds and lighting up trees and outdoor structures. Continue reading

Pool Remodeling Bluffton SC

Pool remodeling Bluffton SC

Dalzell Design Landscaping can upgrade and customize your commercial or residential pool or spa. Rather it is to replaster your pool or do a total transformation of your pool and spa area of your back yard the ideas are limitless. No job is to big or small. We provide you with quality craftsman and workmanship and consider you a long term client so we treat you that way.

If you are looking for a pool remodeling contractor in Bluffton South Carolina here are a few things we suggest you consider. Make sure all contractors are bonded and insured. Continue reading

Wooden Pergola installation in Bluffton SC

Choosing a wooden pergola can be a statement stating feature when it come to providing shade to your home and or backyard area. Building a pergola will of course increase the value of your home creating an attractive addition to your home that will bring lots of joy laughter and fun for many years to come regardless of who is living in the property. Consider it as making an investment to your home.

Its the smell and color of natural wood that makes our clients go wild of these types of structures. It can be stained or aged its all up to the customized ideas of the client, just to give you a few ideas of wooden pergola ideas that you can choose from. Overall you want to pick a wood that is going to last and keep looking to par.

Clients looking for pergolas have a wide range of wood types to pick from, as a matter of fact, your landscape professional will help you to pick what is the best wood to consider when it comes to the local climate and or humidity and dew points. This could make or break your project.

We will first recommend that you stay far away form the pressure treated wood to have your pergola built. Its not to easy on the eyes but it is fairly cheap and is constantly treated for bugs, however it allows the client to save money why looking for better quality types of wood if thats when they want to do do.

Douglas fir wood is once again a wood not to pricy, and if you are not looking at keep the structure long, this will be a good choice but make sure you keep it treated for bugs.

Here is a tip for anyone looking for a pergola or improve upon there one they already have, regardless of the wood type you choose, as it is exposed to the elements, it needs at least annual treatment. Keeps it looking and lasting for years to come.

One of the most attractive types of wood chosen by clients to build their pergolas is the Redwood. Its very sexy and it lasts for a long time. In high moutianious regions where the red wood tree is plentiful its a no brainer to know what is the main type of wood used here. But when considering bluffton south carolina landscape design, it is defiantly an option. We have redwood suppliers all over the south east that upon order have the wood dropped off ready for installation.

Cedar is another commonly picked wood because if how attractive it looks. After time it give a mysterious vintage grey color vibe. Its rather sturdy material and again a great option for the coastal south east region. Give us a call today to schedule your next wooden pergola installation in bluffton sc appointment.

Water Feature Design Bluffton

Water feature design bluffton

Where do I start when it comes to picking a water feature in Bluffton SC.
What is it that you want to accomplish when building a water feature? Is it peace, is it relaxation? Im sure one of the two are in the the reason why you are here to day. Not a problem, lets begin on how to get started on this journey.water garden buffton sc

Types of water features that may look good for my landscape design needs.

Aquatic gardens may be what you are looking for. It is and will always be a buzzing niche an there has to be a reason for it. It makes you feel go in the back yard to look at koi swiming around under lilly pads as if you are not at home. Yes, indeed you are.

Its all about picking plant material to say the least. Building a aquatic garden in your back yard is a custom idea that stems from your very own imagination and having ideas on paper such as pictures from other magazines with your finger pointed asking “can we do this”. Chances are, we can, and believe it or not its not a bad idea to have several ideas ready from picture clippings or a website is not a bad way to start. The next step is to analyze your current space and create flow in your garden space is what it really is about.

Most aquatic plants thrive in the coastal region of Bluffton SC and does not disturb me to see why the request are constant as far as plant material in your garden and or water space features. Again a koi pond is just one example of how a water feature can transform your life and landscape.

Believe it or not, a swimming pool is also considered a water feature and we here at Dalzell Design Landscaping can and will install you a pool. This will not be an article on swimming pools because there are so many other features that homeowners are not aware of that can save them time, money and maintenance cost due to new technology and quality types of water features.

Disappearing water features are always a fun project to handle. Sort of like bringing Las Vegas to your backyard in Bluffton SC. Im sure you have seen the spitting fountains that shoot a jet of water from one point to the next totally in formation with the next place it lands. Don’t let this be an object of your imagination that you keep silent. It you want to install a creek or wildfire pond on your property, just say the word. The sky is the limit with most of our clients we work with.

From stone pool water fall installation to building a weeping wall, its all another days work with Dalzell Design Landscaping. Call us today for your free quote and consultation.

Bluffton SC sidewalk pavers

As the world turns and technology changes ever so rapidly, the world of choosing which type of paver for your next residential or commercial project can be a pretty daunting challenge. We it doesn’t have to be. Call us right now and we will be happy to talk about what it is that you are looking for. Lets go over some examples to get the mind juices fowling and maybe consider some other options to your next sidewalk paver hire.

Some of the most and widely used pavers to do sidewalks usually consist of natural materials such and natural stone, engravements, colored brick, and maybe even a rubber type martial. We have to understand that each will serve its purpose and each of them do serve a specific type of purpose.sidewalk paver bluffton sc Buildings such as car washes, parking garages, commercial and residential construction etc… there is a need for each type of paver.

If you are looking to improve the curb appeal to areas of your property, commonly what is used are natural stone because it pops really well and is very unique as far as how you can design each sidewalk. For an upscale residential sidewalk paver, we often notice that so many different variations of stone and color variations are picked to match not only the current property the also the natural landscape color. Its really quite deep on where and why certain colors are chosen for the paving of local real estate in bluffton sc. Colors like sage, caramel, khaki, come into play. Then the actual walk way designs with beautiful hexagons, and cobblestone flows.

Another trend that we experience is the use of rubber with the choice of picking sidewalk paver material. Its usually used in high traffic areas such as parks and private residence. Its safe, durable, and slip free. Many residence in the bluffton area like to use rubber style sidewalk if there are building a suitable play area for there children and or grand children. Its not a bad pick in the safety area. We all know how bouncy children can be.
Don’t for get how green rubber can be. It is one hundred percent recyclable material and safe to use on any park or play area once applied.

If you are looking for a old vintage type of look to improve the look or your sidewalks, it is a rare and yet sought after tradition even till this day when it comes to sidewalk pavers. Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation with our Bluffton SC sidewalk pavers.

Patio Design Contractors in Bluffton SC

Patio Design Contractors in Bluffton SC

So you are looking to add a new or maybe even update your current patio design. If you are in the Bluffton SC are, we here at Dalzell Design Landscaping will be able to accommodate to your ideas and request. No job is to big or small when it comes to patio design. The felling you receive when its all complete the right way is priceless, so where do we start.patio design bluffton sc

What are you looking to improve your current patio design structure? If you are in the Bluffton SC area you most likely have a screened in patio design with metal frames to protect your family from the bugs we experience in the region. You may not have a screened in metal framed back porch, it may be out in the open with a few misquote misters on 4 corners of the structure. Its what some people want. Some clients state that they want the screened in porch style taken down because of there claustrophobia. Yes its true, after a while no matter how large your screened in porch is, it tends to make some home owners fell constricted, and therefore request a different design and style of patio.

Most likely what we will try to establish is a direct walkway point, directing to and fro certain objectives that are built within the structure. In other terms, we want your patio and walkways to flow. Ask us how do we make it flow. Well it simple, we went to school for this stuff. lol. ;-) We would like to hear from you about your ideas for your next patio or porch design and or installation. Improvement to these areas indeed is a blessing to your home, or should I say investment, to each its own.

Rather you are looking for a seasonal porch design, our contractors have the experience.

Landscape design Bluffton SC

Is it that time of year for your landscaping ideas to come to past. Are you looking for a reliable landscaper that can handle your needs with no problem. BlufftonLandscapers.com and Dalzell Design Landscapers can help.
We welcome you to dream big with you next landscaping project hire, as well as contact us with your ideas so that we can match them to your expectations on paper.

Here at Dalzell Design Landscaping we start the project from design to the build process. So basically your wish is our command. Allow me to point you in the direction you seek, feel free to browse projects we have done in the past. If you don’t see what you were looking for, its ok, all of our projects are custom designed. Your landscape design is your landscape design, no one will have your exact match.

If you have pictures from other designs you have seen in landscaping magazines feel free to bring them to our attention as well. We can accommodate to design exactly what it is you are looking for in a back yard landscape paradise.

Most homeowners in the bluffton south carolina areas are keen to stone features adding more definition to there current landscape design, or simply doing a total remodel of the landscape they had when they purchased the house. Costal South Carolina residence love to use stone when improving there landscape. There is a reason why it is so popular. Its strong and very eye pleasing when you start adding different color variations. Either way, you cant go wrong with contacting us for a stone landscape consultation for your landscape or home exterior improvements.

So of course we know that there is more to improving your landscape design when it comes to outdoor add-ons such as pools and outdoor kitchens. Do you think that you pool could us a little sprucing up? Has the color started to tarnish in the liner of your pool. Is it looking a little rusted or have a dark coloration where you get the most traffic in your pool? It’s normal, but when you have to understand is when it comes to pool liner remodel and design, the technology improves eve year so what you did to your pool 4-5 years ago may not be as reliable and or durable as the materials, colors or stains used today. It does not hurt to ask, give us a call today if this is something that you have questions about. Im sure there is an answer for it.

Outdoor kitchens, yes its the standard amongst the Bluffton SC eliet residence. It’s what success is all about, spending more and more time with the family. Designing an outdoor kitchen for your first or second home is not a bad look at all. If you feel that your current outdoor kitchen designs not up to par and may need a little updating and tlc, it is something that we will be happy to discuss with you. Give Dalzell Design a call today if you are really considering landscape design bluffton sc.